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Truth into Sports Medicine!

Truth into Sports Medicine!
List of medications top athletes take has to be released - honesty in sports instead of doping lies

Truth into Sports Medicine!

List of medications top athletes take has to be released - honesty in sports instead of doping lies

Anti-doping policies are being tightened, changed, and it is in fact just as with money, the rich get more, the poor less and less.

People who are able to afford a sports medical treatment - sports medicine is nothing else than doping - have a doctor, who at best has a seat in the doping commission and who then - just like Lindsay Vonn - reports a  depression and with that a whole package of medications is no doping, just like Marcel Hirscher, who came out with a burnout-syndrome and heaps of medications. Nobody knows what top athletes are taking officially. The small athlete wonders why he is lagging behind, outdistanced by seriously ill patients under influence of a bunch of medication in order to finish a few seconds faster.

Doping pays off, without doubt. Who would take notice of Bernhard Kohl, the Austrian who finished third in the Tour de France, if he had not doped? He would not have earned the money he now does, nor would he have the position, nor would anybody interview him; without doping he would not have his present status, economically and personally.

The big masters of laboratories are earning good money as well. Bernhard Kohl said that he was tested a hundred times and nothing was found, and then suddenly something was found. The physician and biochemist o.Univ.-Prof. med.univ. Egon Marth from Graz says that the molecule is hard to find in blood which is used to detect the EPO of a chinese hamster, because there another sugar is “sitting on top”.
It is extremely hard, and it emerged that the doping labs don’t try it in the blood straight away, because it is impossible. They look for the doping substance in urine, but there the dilution is even bigger than in blood, therefore the doping controls are more Punch-and-Judy-theatre than real doping control. Only when something is seen in the chromatograph the athletes deny that they took something, and after the the B sample is determined they admit it because everybody knows that everyone is doped legally or illegally. You are seen as doped when the blood levels are abnormal, whatever is seen as normal at the controls, even when nothing can be detected. In several sports it is a different normal!

Walter Mayer, the Austrian world-class trainer who fell from favours, swears by the UV-irradiation of blood - a method, which medical science rated as completely ineffective nonsense. In 2002, at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, this method, of which Walter Mayer always said that it isn’t doping and permitted, is the big lapse which has been haunting Mayer mercilessly until today. The main persecutor was the at the time German IOC-vice president Thomas Bach - who is now 2014 president of the german Olympic committee.

When it emerged in 2010 that an entire troop (24) of German athletes applied this method - “physicians from Erfurt. He is supposed to have treated and re-injected the blood of numerous athletes with UV radiation.”  this method, because of which Mayer has been haunted mercilessly, was suddenly legal, for Bach too, and was only put on the doping list from on 1.1.2011.

“UV radiated blood
The ultra violet blood irradiation (UVB, synonym photobiological therapy, UV-activated autohaemotherapy, UVE) is an alternative medical method of treatment and a subform of the autohaemotherapy. This method of treatment does not have a scientifically proven effectiveness.

Description of the Treatment
50ml of blood are obtained and radiated with UV-C-light. At the similar hyperbaric oxygenation therapy the blood is additionally foamed up with oxygen. After the irradiation the blood is re-injected in a vein of the patient. The irradiation is repeated every few days, 4-20 times. The price for the treatment is at about 40 euro for each single session, so that a complete therapy can easily cost more than 500 euro, which are not taken on by the public health insurance company. The clotting of the obtained blood is prevented with sodium citrate, as a thin-walled quartz container is used, which does not absorb UV-radiation.

Historical aspects
This version of alternative medical autohaemotherapy was developed by the Czech surgeon Hans Havlicek (1891-1949) and published 1934 in German. By doing so, Havlicek tried to combine the observed anti-microbial impact of UV-radiation and in the DDR at his time still commonly accepted autohaemotherapy. After the war the UV-bloodirradiation was initially used in the Soviet Union and the use was continued in the DDR, in the meantime also in the territory of the old federal republic. Next to the reputed impact against infections and circulatory disorder the method is also supposed to help with chronic inflammation, metabolic disorders, cancer, AIDS and complaints of old age. Hereto there is no medical evidence, therefore the therapy is not of importance in nowadays evidence based medicine.

July 11th 2012, 12:18am
The DA office of Erfurt discontinues the doping lawsuit
No sufficient suspicion: The DA office of Erfurt dropped the investigation procedure against the sports physician Andreas Franke. He was accused of treating the blood of athletes with UV-light and then re-injecting it into their body. The DA office of Erfurt dropped the investigation procedure because of violation of the Drug Registration and Administration act against the sports physician Andreas Franke. On Wednesday, the authorities announced this in a press release. The DA then said that there was no sufficient suspicion, after assessing the entire body of documents. Franke was accused to have taken the athletes’ blood, treat it with UV-light and then re-inject it into their bodies, which is equal to a doping offense.

The DA office explained that actions like this are not liable to prosecution before November 1st 2007, because in the old version of the Drug Registration and Administration act they did not fall within the regulations of culpability. “With regard to possible actions in the time from November 1st 2007 to April 4th 2011 it cannot be proven that the accused did them for the purpose of doping, thus with the goal of improved sports performance.” it says in the press release of the DAs.

They do admittedly see an objective offense against the sub-paragraph M1.1 of the attachment to the agreement against doping in sport and thus a prohibited method in the UV-irradiation, “a targeted effort with the purpose of doping is not traceable in sports. Instead the testimony of the accused, saying that he did not use the method to improve the immune defence, is not to refute.” it says in the agreements. Franke has always denied the accusations.

There is no mistake about the fact that in 2002, the treatment was not prohibited. Because of the German athletes this method was allowed until 1.1.2011 and was only  illegalized from then on. Bach saved the Germans from what he destroyed Walter Mayer with.

All this is actually insignificant - because here a treatment which is non-effective according to medical science is put on the doping list. Why???

The treatment works like a prayer - through believing (placebo effect).

So now praying is next on the doping list?

The ARGE Psychosomatik/Loosreport – Julia Rüsch, Hans-Georg Zapotoczky & partners has an in this coherence appropriate observation. It occurred to Dr Julia Rüsch and her team that athletes get Erythropoetin against muscle weakness, but people with muscle weakness, including ALS and MS are refused the treatment.

With the use of Erythropoetin against muscle weakness of a non-athlete it was found that only at the announcement of getting EPO - Erythropoietin, the respective blood levels raised as if he had already gotten the EPO.

It is a medical fact that believing works, but is this doping?

And nobody thinks about what is actually going on. Every normal thinking human realizes that something cannot be right. The wish for a life-lie, it does not only involve sexually faithful marriage, but the same also applies for sports.

It should be the case that all medications, which are taken by athletes, should have to be announced officially and not as a so called “secret science” with an outing, “I’m depressed”, “I have a burnout”, “I have diabetes” up to “I have or had cancer”.

Naturally many athletes have depressions and even kill themselves. Through sports medicine, which tries to avoid “the discovering”, a hormonal confusion occurs. The brain is the hormonal headquarter and as a consequence this confusion leads to depressions. Actually, one should just wonder why not more athletes try to kill themselves or why not more athletes are depressed.

The ARGE Psychosomatics/Loosreport is clear about this: One only has to analyse the respective bloods levels and fill in a questionnaire, then one has the answers very quickly and as we have already reported many times, it will only be a matter of time until top athletes sue their sport physicians and trainers due to wrong treatment.

Bernadette Wukounig



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