10.12.2018 23:52:44 solan hat ein Thema kommentiert Reifenproblem:  Schwer zu beschaffen, eBay ist dein Freund. Schau mal nach. 
01.12.2018 22:54:44 solan hat ein Thema kommentiert Aller "Mannfang" schwer:  Ist auch die Frage wo man sucht. In Diskos auf keinen Falle mehr. Ab 40 eher mal Museen una Austellungen besuchen, sind eben andere Personen. 
01.12.2018 22:29:16 solan hat ein Thema kommentiert Eddie Bauer: [QUOTE=biggy] Muss ich mich schämen, wenn ich sage, dass ich von Eddie Bauer noch nie etwas gehört habe? [/QUOTE] Bestimmt nicht, ich auch nicht. Man oder Frau muss muss ja nicht alles und jeden kennen  
01.12.2018 22:28:00 solan hat ein Thema kommentiert Natur vs. Bio?:  Natur und Bio sollte eigentlich ein und daselbe sein. Bio ist Natur nur ohne Chemie. Natürlich ist alles was in der Natur vorkommt, nur eben sind Kühe zwar sehr Natur, nur haben natürlich sind sie schon lange nicht mehr. 
12.08.2014 12:48:08 neuer Ratgeber Antwort Wie lange soll/kann man stillen?: Lesen Sie dazu am besten den ausführlichen Artikel
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PR/Pressemitteilung: Ex-«Tatu» presents a new film at Cannes Film Festival

PR/Pressemitteilung: Ex-«Tatu» presents a new film at Cannes Film Festival
Short film "Together apart" with Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina (former members of «Tatu») will be presented at The Cannes Film Festival

Under the unifying slogan "Cornetto presents" several short films about love for young people are released every year. Each short film of the international almanac "Cupidity" tells us a story about two young lovers and cupids, who help them to get together.

Russian celebrities Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina (former members of «Tatu») starred as cupids in a brand new short film "Together apart".
Four touching stories of "Cupidity" from Cornetto have conquered the audience worldwide. The project was successfully launched in Turkey, the UK, China, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Indonesia, Australia, and now in Russia.

The film "Together apart", telling the story about relations between a boy and a girl in the distance, is a real surprise for the Russian audience. Films from “Cupidity» will be presented at Cannes Film Festival in the Russian pavilion at Village International on May 21th, 2014 at 3 p.m. Organizers of the presentation have prepared one more surprise. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina, former members of «Tatu», together with the legendary Russian rapper Legalize and famous beat-boxer Mike Tompkins recorded a new single " Love in every moment ", which became the soundtrack for the film. The idea to create a new joint single was originated long ago.
"At that time it was very difficult to say whether there will be a compound for at least one song or not. There were only tears of nostalgia, attraction to each other and at the same time, the rejection of each other as absolutely different persons. Lena and Yulia became complete opposites. It became clear that reunion of the duo can’t be considered. But the Olympics 2014 had become the starting point to new joint work. A few days before performing at the stadium in Sochi, the girls finally had agreed to record a joint song for the movie "Together apart". It was a historic moment, - the first song in many years. We concurrently started filming the whole process, back-stage. All that was happening around the recording of the new song, making the music video, as well as shooting the film "Together apart", was put together as original short film "Together apart. About", - director Elena Kiper says, - "Having such a pregnant dramatic material in my hands, I'm thinking of creating a full-length biopic. We are already working with Hollywood consultants, as well as we negotiate with foreign companies about co-production".
Julia is coming for the presentation to Cannes from Moscow, and Lena - from Los Angeles. Girls will answer questions from the press before and after the screening of the films. They haven't cast lots which of them will get the right to open the event and who will collect the laurels after. After all, nothing has changed between them. The moratorium on their meeting is still on. According to the requirements of one of the participants of their hotels should be located in different parts of the city, and there should be no intersections in public places and on the set, from the place of landing to the place of departure.



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