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Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize Winner, and the Misconception of the Discovery of Female Sexuality in the 19th Century

Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize Winner, and the Misconception of the Discovery of Female Sexuality in the 19th Century
Masturbation, female self-satisfaction, as a sign of the discovery of female sexuality?

Eric Kandel explores the relation between biology and spirit. The Nobel laureate refers to the fact that in 1900, it was discovered the soul lives in the brain and not outside the body, and is therefore a measurable quantity.

Otto Löwi, who teaches in Graz, got the Nobel prize for the observation that every thought is chemistry. With that said, Otto Löwei and Eric Kandel are agreeing.

Showing the biological discovery of the female sexuality with art is yet a very special idea of Eric Kandel.

At his lectures, Eric Kandel shows how naked women before 1900 were exclusively depicted as objects of male sexual fantasies.  He refers to the fact that before the turn of the century, the hands were on the vagina and from 1900, on the cunt.  He does not utter it like this, but he nonetheless expresses it very apparently in his lectures.

The masturbation of the woman, as seen by Kandel in paintings of Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and others, shows the discovery of female sexuality in the sense of the woman who wants to fuck of her own accord. What he does not add and thinks, is: she wants it in order to have an orgasm! Kandel noticed on the given works that the female hand was  previously pictured on the vagina. In order to hide the vagine, or, like with a mini skirt, to emphasize it?

It is true, as shown by our article “The Mini Skirt and the Misconception”, that women wear a mini skirt when they do not feel their vagina. However, the hand on the vagina more likely argues for the sensing of the vagina.

However, when one looks at the biological viewpoint of Eric Kandel, who sees these thoroughly as psychoanalytic and psychological, all experiments and studies of Eric Kandel are based on animal experiments. So one has to see it through the female sexuality of animals. The female sexuality of animals is visible, sensible and palpable. Everybody knows male dogs who run after a female dog vagina for over a kilometer. It can therefore be concluded that the discovery of the human, female sexuality is rather an oppression of female sexuality.

If the consumption of 3400 women by Klimt is a discovery of female sexuality, as Eric Kandel assumes, is on behalf of the Loosreport’s information broker controversial.

As well as the up to eight orgasms, i.e. the ejaculation of the Arthur Schnitzler, as is described in his diaries, can in addition be not the discovery of the female sexuality, but this quantity could rather be an expression of one’s own disability to a satisfy a woman and oneis supposed to hide this with it.

The female sexuality is always present when there is no oppression through scarcity of resources in the hands of men or mothers in law.

Whenever women were able to have means on their own and be it through husbands, as the salons in the turn of the century showed, where women were exclusively the bosses, female sexuality was in the air. However, it has to be added that salons were the public get-together of people who were able to afford it and therefore only a it affected only small part of the actual population, where sexuality always took place differently than in the class of population in which books and paintings were consistent.

Whenever women were able to have economical possibilities, they also wanted to experience satisfying sexuality, i.e. an  orgasm. Be it in America in 1850, when women got financial security by being heirs, be it around 1900 when women were born as wives and daughters, be it 1960 due to the invention of the pil or be it 1980. Having an orgasm was always the wish. What they got? A child in a man, who they mothered and for whom they had to pay for. Trade spreading the legs for a relationship. Men were able to escape from the situation, as in ancient times, into homosexuality, into purchasable sexuality, and women became the slaves of sex-obsessed lesbians and gender fanatics.  All that’s left are women who are so sexually fixated that they want to ban everything regarding their sexuality, in order to oppress their own thoughts and to free themselves of that the fact they think of sexuality twenty-four-seven and are only able to do it by negating it.
It is understandable that the Austrian justice minister, with his plan of a “A No must be enough” law, wants prohibit everybody from fucking under the motto: If I am not allowed, then nobody else should be allowed to.

But here the education must start with young women who do not grow up with utterances such as: Do not give yourself away cheaply!, A woman who does not say ‘no’ is a whore. As a consequence, only Turks, Albanians, Kosovars, etc. are seen as men, and Austrian and German men are called ‘suckers’ by women. The latter is only of interest as a difficult kid. With that it is by no means certain that Turks, Albanians, Kosovars, Chechen are not difficult kids rather than men as well.

The discovery of female sexuality by the illustration of masturbation on paintings made by artists who are actually homosexual and put their dick into everything, is a crucial misconception of the Nobel laureate Eric Kandel, who is lead up into the garden path by his medical wishes and who destroys a part of his accomplishments.

Bernadette Wukounig/ Mirjam Maier

Titelbild: Gustav Klimi
Bilder im Text: 
1. Gustav Klimt
2. Egon Schiele
3. Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele




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